一派一世界【One pi One world】

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Q:The Chinese community is saying you're Satoshi Nakamoto. Can you tell me a little about yourself in two sentences?



A:It is not who I am, but what I must represent as well as become for Pi to succeed.  


I want Pi to work for all, so that it may help all.  I am the type of person that seeks to learn something I didn't know yesterday, every day.  


This has led me into many areas in life where many people only focus on one of them in their lives.  


I seek out every day to find a Pioneer who knows more about Pi than I.  This has been my quest.



Yet every day, what I know and understand of Pi grows as I dedicate more time and energy into it.



Pi Network

Pi is nothing like any crypto you have ever heard about.


It is its novelty, innovation, and creativity that will drive its existence into our daily lives.



It is the collective effort on a global scale of millions of people working together that will build its value.


It is led by a team of developers that understand fully all the setbacks past cryptos had that prevented the revolution of crypto to come into fruition.


However, they are not the only ones leading Pi’s development. Every Pioneer that interacts with Pi on every level impacts its future.


By the knowledge they have, and the information they share. Pi grows in every community, and the resources that exist within each community also grows.


It is the very passion for Pi that fuels the desire to want to do more for it, so that it does succeed.


While many people in other crypto communities also possess desire for their crypto to succeed, they do not possess communities around the world all working to establish the utility for it.

Where the use for that crypto grows every day all across the world.


Only Pi has been able to achieve this on a global level.


Imagine a digital world built by Pioneers from all over the world, where every Pioneer is contributing to building an economy for Pi. By having the desire to accept Pi for goods and services, and by spending Pi for goods and services.


It is difficult to establish the first Pioneers to set up Pi shops where no market exist. However, the first seeds have already been planted worldwide, and each of them are now growing.


Imagine a world that you can access anywhere in the world, where a world of opportunity exists, in regard to obtaining Pi from goods and services, spending Pi for goods and services, where you have the ability to interact with any Pioneer anywhere in the world, where every Pioneer is utilizing Pi as the medium of exchange across all Pi economies. Our world has always been separated by borders, and equal opportunity to build a life you dream of isn’t possible for everyone in every part of the world. This is due to the limitations sovereign currencies have on citizens. However, Pi Network and its currency is being built for all, so that all may benefit in some way. You do not realize the value that Pi holds, because if you did, you’d do everything you can to ensure it succeeds.